slicy dicy!
good job

cut my finger!  cleaning! irony!
...not really...THREE STICHES though!

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good job

1. My username is ______ because ______.
Goldfishlover because I love goldfish and 73 is my number!

2. My name is _____ because ______.
Elizabeth because...its a good catholic name?

3. My journal is titled ____ because ____.
it doesnt have a title cause hell would i know how to make one?!

4. My journal subtitle is ____ because ____.
refer to number three

5. My friends page is called ____ because ____.
refer to four then three

6. My default userpic is ____ because ____.
math. because math IS sexy

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good job
 i fear that smut, fanfics, yaoi and ect. ect. ect.
i fear that it is losing its...vazzz....hmmm....i'm so confused...

why i love the news
good job

high school drop outs are the new National Threat. news...

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good job
<b>1. You’d rather communicate with people via e-mail, text messaging, instant message, or Twitter, then face to face, because “it’s just easier that way.” </b>
2. If you’ve ever used “Joshua” as a password and thought you were being clever.
<b>3. 16GB flash drive “just doesn’t hold enough.” </b>
4. You buy a gadget just for the thrill of hacking it.
<b>5. You say phrases like “Make it so!” and “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”, when you talk to people. (I've been known to say "Make it so!" or "Make it so, Number One" to mum)
6. You write “text” in blocks of “140 Characters.” </b>
7. You have an LCD monitor 20″ or greater, or a multiple monitor setup.
8. You do arithmetic in computer language (i.e. binary, ASCII) to impress friends, family and acquaintances.
<b>9. You have more friends in the ‘virtual world’ than in real life!
10. You wear T-shirts with Star Wars, Stark Trek or any computer-related visuals on them. (though, I think this would actually refer more to my 'gamer' aspect, as they're all computer games). </b>
11. You have a computer server at home… which has a name… in the basement… of your parents’ house…..which is called your “Command Center” or NORAD (after watching WarGames)… extra Geek points if your home server is named: W.O.P.R. or HAL.* It’s named ‘dracula’.
<b>12. You have a junkyard full of extra computer parts in your garage. </b>
13. You built your own PC and giggle when people tell you they have a Dell or HP computer.
14. Your PC has 4GB of RAM OR MORE…
15. You’re proud of your own built PC that’s so powerful it rivals IBM’s Blue Gene Supercomputer.
<b>16. You carry a USB flash drive in your pocket regardless of where you go. (it has its own glasses case or EXTRA protection!</b>
17. When you’re bored you take apart your desktop, laptop, television, DVD, DVR or cable box for fun.
<b>18. Friends, family and family friends’ friends, call you asking for computer help.  (Why i dont know) </b>
19. You are fluent in the Klingon language.
<b>20. You have a cable internet connection but would like a T-1 line if it was reasonably affordable. (I have DSL, but wouldn't mind a T-1 line)
21. You give your servers little pet names ex: Maximus or WOPR.
22. You know that W.O.P.R. doesn’t refer to just a hamburger. </b> 
23. Red Bulls and frozen dinners are a daily part of your diet.
24. When you yell at your radio whenever a “Computer Show” airs because you think the host is an idiot…
25. You listen to the idiot anyway…
26. World of Warcraft is constantly on your to-do list.
27. You have four (or more) computers at your house, and it “just isn’t enough.”
28. You know that Debian, Ubuntu and Mandrake are just funny kids names.
29. You actually name your kids Debian, Ubuntu or Mandrake.
30. You’ve ever used “12345″ as a password and thought you were being clever.
<b>31. No matter how fast your computer turns on, it still isn’t “fast enough”… even if it is just waking up from a sleep mode.
32. You passionately argue the virtues of (pick ‘em): Windows vs. Apple vs. Linux / ATI vs. nVidia / AMD vs. Intel / LCD vs. Plasma / Star Wars vs. Star Trek vs. / Comics vs. Graphic Novels / HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray / USB vs. Firewire / Jobs vs. Gates / etc. etc…
33. You loathe people who buy iPods, iPhones, or iTouches just because they are the hip things to own. </b>
34. You secretly covet having an iPod, iPhone, or iTouch - but are too embarrassed to own one because of what your geek friends would think. (I LOVE MY IPOD!)
<b>35. Your family calls you to fix their computers… so do your non-geek friends (or friend)… so do strangers…
36. You have major farmer’s tan! (YEE HAW KEN-TUCK-E)
37. You own five or more useless gadgets that run off your USB ports. </b>
38. Your “laptop” with its massive 20-inch screen weighs more then your “desktop computer.”
<b>39. You’ve gotten this far READING THIS LIST! 

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good job
alas my heart aches and my mind hurts with confusion.
these feelings for him simply do not die.
even with a shot gun to the back of the head
they're like claire from heros

what the fuck
good job
a girl i have not talk to in five years aim me today
we were best friends but that is no longer the case.
i'm like...what the hell?

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good job
what is love?
love is a four letter word to describe something that is more than liked.
but how does it feel. the word is thrown about so much these days that people 'love' a bar of soap. knowing that this bar of soap will be used up and never to be seen again.
love is a nasty word.
almost as bad as betrayel.
betrayel is the worst of sins. if you betray someone you love...there is no taking it back.
there is no forgiveness.
you may say everything is back to normal, but the realationship is never the same.

I sit here tonight wondering if this love and friendship really can go without betrayels...i feel betrayed but its impossible. 'he' is stupid. he couldn't figure out what betrayel is if it hit him on the head.
yet he 'has' betrayed me.
left me.
friendless in the class i almost dropped before we entered high school for the same reason.
but now the few are gone and I sit alone.
i do not feel anger.
i feel nothing.
i giving up on this person but i'm scared.
because, if i gave up, wouldn't that mean that i'm betraying him
the endless cycle of love and hate must stop.
but hell, i dont even know where to begin...

a side note
good job
as a side note i would like to say that orchestra is no longer fun without any friends...

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good job
and god said let there be snow and we got a blizzard!


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