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Title: Sand
Author: Goldfishlover73
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Series: Post Manga
Rating: PG-A few swears
Words: 300
Summary: A gift from one solider to the next.
Warnings: I'll just say spoilers for after 108. But not necessarily. Slight OOC

“Lieutenant!” First Lieutenant Falman looked up from his desk at the Briggs solider, holding a small package. “A package arrived for you yesterday. Sorry that it took a while for it to get here. Sir!” he shuffled the package in his hand, so he could salute him. He looked awkwardly at the package before handing it to him.

“Thanks, solider.” Falman grabbed the box, almost dropping it. “This is heavy, who the hell is this from.” Falman looked back up to the other man. “It’s warm. I can even feel it through my gloves…” He turned the box over, seeing it was from Eastern Headquarters, but no name. “Mustang?” he looked up to the solider, who only shrugged.

“Be careful, sir. It moves.” Falman eyed the man before looking back at the box. He watched the box in his hands, before shaking it. He heard a soft whooshing noise. “What the hell?”

Falman opened the box slowly. His eyes widened, “What the fuck!?” Inside was package was sand. On top was a small note:

Dear Falman,

Since you’re up in the cold ass mountains, I thought I’d send you a small gift, a reminder of warmer days. Of days when you could actually feel your toes. A token of our love for you.

Breda (‘The General’ and Havoc…and Fuery)

Falman looked down at the sand. He removed one of the gloves, sifting his fingers through the very warm sand. Falman clenched his hands and growled, throwing the box against the wall. “God Damn you!” he shoved his glove back on, away from the impending cold.

Lieutenant General Armstrong walked in the office, and looked at the wall and the floor covered in sand. “You’re cleaning that shit up.”

Falman stared gaping at her as she walked back out the room.

Title: Puppy 
Author: Goldfishlover73 
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist 
Series: Post Manga 
Rating: G 
Words: 297 
Summary: Hawkeye gives Roy a parting gift as he goes East before the rest of them. 
Warnings: Spoilers for 108 
AN: I butchered this a whole lot to get it short enough, hopefully it makes sense! 

“What…What is this?” General Roy Mustang eyed the moving bundle in Riza’s arms. He looked around anxiously, watching the other people at the train station eye them suspiciously.

“It’s a dog sir.” Major Hawkeye said deadpan, holding the small black and white dog in her hands. She held it firmly, as it tried to squirm out of her hands. “Canis lupus familiaris is their scientific name, used commonly as house-”

“Damnit Liut-Major! Why are you holding that dog?” Mustang snapped.

“It’s actually a puppy.” She smiled softly, seeing the General flustered. “You see, Black Hayate had puppies.”

Her superior officer cocked an eyebrow. “Puppies? Major, that dog was a bo-”

“Please don’t make me have to explain everything to you sir. The woman gave me four of the puppies.” The puppy in her arms barked playfully, as it doubled its escape efforts to escape. “There were five, and she said she had no use for four.”

The General smirked, which made the Major roller her eyes. “I took one to Elicia, which wouldn’t let the poor thing go, and Alphonse took one to Havoc…”

“Ah.” The silence grew awkward as a train whistle blew.

“Here!” she stammered, shoving the dog into the General’s hands. “Since you have to go east, and the rest of us have to stay here, I thought you might want a companion…for the time being…”

Roy looked between the wiggling puppy and his red Major, before he smirked. The puppy barked, licking/biting the Roy’s chin. “Hm, I save Artemis, and all I get is a dog?”

“It’s a puppy, sir.”

Mustang stared the puppy down. “Come on Frank! We have a train to catch!” he gave his Major a quick salute, before turning on his heel, heading towards the train, dog-puppy in tow.


AN: another name for the Hayate was FRANK! And since my dog is also named Frank, that’s what I used!

Title: More Than A Book
Author: Goldfishlover73
Fandom: Fruits Basket
Series: An alternative ending to the anime.
Rating: G
Words: 296
Summary: For Tohru's birthday, Uo buys her a book, but just not any book.
AN: This is an AU, where instead of Tohru getting to stay living with the Sohma's after episode 25, her memories are erased. 
Also! Italics are flashbacks!  

“A book! Thank you Uo! I’ll read it front to back!” she smiled brightly.

“Yes…” Hana said whispily. “What made you think of this particular book?”

Uo shrugged.

Uo raise an eyebrow. “What the hell?”

Uo stared at the book that caught her eye.She picked up the book and studied the front. “Sohma Shigure, eh?” she grinned, flipping the book over and reading the back.

“A beautiful young maiden, heartstriken by the death of her young mother, takes refuge with two young men. With their help, she overcomes her past, and finds love in the boys, and herself.”

“Can you-can you just read the dedication page? I think…I think you’d like it.” Uo mumbled.

Uo flipped open the book “This is way too familiar.” she growled. If that son of a bitch was profiting off Tohru, he was going to have hell to pay.

Two and a half years ago, Yuki pulled Uo over at school, saying Tohru no longer remembered living with the Sohma’s and was living with her grandfather, like she should have been.

After that, Tohru would smile like normal, but…her eyes just weren’t at bright as they had been. Uo thought Tohru was where she belonged, in that house. She never questioned what happened, the way Yuki looked at her when he told her, she knew it was painful to Yuki and Kyou.

Tohru smiled, flipping to the front page. “To our own precious flower, this book is dedicated. She entered our lives and touched our hearts in a way words can’t describe. Although she’s gone now, we’ll never forget her. We can’t know where she is today, but we hope she’s safe.” Tohru smiled sadly, a tear rolling down her cheek. “I don’t know why, but I’m crying!”

Uo smiled.


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