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I'm here to rant.
Why? Cause I can't put it on the FMA board because I might offend someone.
Funimation sucks DICK.
Why? Because they can't pick videos for SHIT!
There was a win a trip to comic con contest. Make a video, if its good enough, you win a trip to comic con.
I made a video. It was shitty, but it was funny.
A rap.
They announced the winners today, and I knew I wasn't going to win. Of course not, I never win anything, but the winners...THEY WERE TERRIBLE!!!
There was one, he won a DVD of FMA, but he should have won. It was a flash, and it was funny, and cute and it really, really should have won. The winner was a fucking parody to a 'Whole New World' from Aladin. God, it was terrible...I think they picked those they felt the most sorry for, except for the one guy, who his was acutally good.
God... I wish that for some unknown reason, funimation saw this, and explained that they had a mentally retarded guy judging the videos.
I'm not mad I didn't win. I'm mad that I was beat buy a bunch of people with no real orginality in their video, and a stupid bitch that can't work a fucking camera.


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